Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winston and Scooter

Just wanted to share a few pics of two wonderful puppies ... well, one puppy and one 2-yo dog.  My mother got a new Miniature Poodle (we now think he will be tea-cup sized) the week before Thanksgiving.  Here are a few of his first pics:
These two pictures were the first we took of Winston ... don't you just love his name.  The figurine in the pic above is 8" tall.  As you can see Winston is quite the tiny little thing.  He was 8 weeks old in these two pictures.

Here is a cute pose.  He weighed 1.6# at his first Vet visit.  Winston was the runt of the litter.  His brother Coco lives across the street from mom and he is three times Winston's size.

We had a fun time at Christmas with Winston's first Christmas and Snow.  Snow on Christmas is rare in North Texas, so we HAD to get pics of Winston during his romp outside.  He really loved the stuff.
Since Winston is so little she watches for hawks.  They could pick him up and whoosh, he would be gone.
Winston drug some Christmas wrap to his bed to play with.  He loved chasing wadded up tissue paper balls.  He also loves to tear up paper.  Bless his heart we kept taking his paper/fun away.

He has quite the time dragging around my hubby's shoe.  He loves shoes!!!
Here are a few pics of Scooter, my sister's dog.  Scooter is about 2 years old.  He is a Miniature Pinscher mix and very hyper most of the time.  He did NOT like the snow.  Scooter was not fond of his new coats either. 

Scooter stayed in his bed on the couch beside my sister.  He loves playing with Winston and that is a sight to see.  Below is a pic with Scooter and my sister.
Those are all the pet pics for now.  I will have some later with my feline-fur-babies.  They got new toys for Christmas too.


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