Monday, December 9, 2013

"Baby, it's Cold Outside!!!"

Happy Monday,

Hubby and I have been snuggling to stay warm in our cozy home this past weekend.  Most of the nation is covered in snow or ice.  Here in North Texas we have been indoors due to icy roads.  There has been about 1" of ice covering most surfaces (roadways, bridges, etc.)  My mom and sister were without power for about 36 hours.  They too were iced in as well.  Here are a few pictures I took Friday morning.

This picture is just outside my garage.  As you can see the road has a slight incline.

We live just below the highest point in the DFW Metroplex.  Our neighbor just to the right of this picture is at the highest point.

This is a view of our side yard and the junction of the street beside our home and the street in front of our home.  At the stop sign it is pretty level.  Just north of the stop sign (left of the picture) the street starts a decline down the rest of the block.  With this ice if we had left our home we would not be able to return until the thaw.  The folks who owned the home before us made that mistake in 1993 and could not return except on foot and left their truck in a vacant lot down the road.

This picture shows part of our front yard.  Our area does not have curbs or sidewalks around the streets.  It is very much like a country lane in our area.  That is part of the appeal.  However, we have drainage ditches in around the homes to take advantage of the city drainage system.  We can not have a sidewalk to our mailbox so the previous owners installed a wooden bridge that connects the sidewalk from the front door to the street.  Our flag is frozen in the state pictured.  It did not thaw out until late Sunday afternoon.  Amazingly there was not accumulation of ice on the bridge handrails but everywhere else.  I found that quite humorous.

This picture depicts the leaves that are frozen to the roof!  Can you see the ice?  Most of the leaves on this tree are still green.  Now they will turn brown after the thaw and not give us a pretty turning of the leaves.  Most of our trees are Live Oaks so they just shed brown leaves in the spring and not lose all of their leaves in the fall.  We only have two elm trees that create our fall foliage. 

The ice is beautiful, but so treacherous.  Hubby has been home since the schools are closed.  I was glad to have the extra days with him.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and was able to share some snuggle time with your honey.  Hopefully we will thaw out a bit more today and be able to get back to a normal schedule.  Our mailperson will have a load of mail for us on Tuesday (first day of mail service since Thursday) when they finally make the rounds. 

Have a happy and crafty day.

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